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Every booking contains a rental contract provided by NorthRoamers OÜ

Therefore you can enjoy your roadtrip and hosting-experience without any issues on both sides.

1. Definitions
1.1. Camper: The camper could be a motorhome, caravan, roof top tent equipped car or even a family sedan with a sleeping bag in the trunk.
1.2. Host: The host is the private motorhome owner or the motorhome rental company who is renting out their camper to someone.
1.3. Renter: The renter is the customer of the host and at the same side the driver of the rented camper.
1.4. Community: Every person signed up to NorthRoamers is member of our community.

2. Acceptance of the host & NorthRoamers
2.1. Private hosts are not acting on a professional rental basis.
2.2. Rental companies are acting on a professional rental basis.
2.3. NorthRoamers can not be held liable for personal issues between the host and the renter. On the other side, NorthRoamers will be the middle-men between both parties and tries to settle every dispute as soon as possible.
2.4. All rented campers due to NorthRoamers are exclusively rented out for private use only.
2.5. The host has to ensure that the camper is in safe, clean and good conditions. In case of any misstatements, the renter can terminate his booking immediately and the host has to pay back the whole amount of rental fees. Besides that, NorthRoamers will deactivate the camper until the missstatements are fixed.

3. Acceptance of the renter / driver
3.1. The renter has read the rental contract and assures correct information during the booking process.
3.2. The rental contract becomes valid at the event of submitting the booking request to the host for a camper.
3.3. The renter has to follow the defined rules of the host.
3.4. The minimum age of the renter must be 21 or the defined age by the host for his camper.
3.5. Driving license: The renter must show a valid unrestricted european driving license which shows that he is allowed to handle the camper.
3.6. The renter ensures a careful handling and driving of the camper.
3.7. The renter assures that he is familiar with the local road rules. NorthRoamers can provide documents with the local rules.
3.8. The camper can be driven only by the person who is signed as the renter in the booking process.
3.9. The renter has to define his estimated travel route and let the host know where it goes to.

4. Handover and turning back the camper
4.1. The location, date and time is predefined between the host and the renter.
4.2. The camper has to be clean and in technical good conditions at the event of handover and turning back.
4.2.1 In case of any damages or issues, please contact NorthRoamers immediately!
4.3. The renter has the right to make a test drive before taking over the camper - together with the host.
4.3.1. In case of any issues, the renter can terminate his booking immediately and the host has to pay back the whole amount of rental fees.
4.4. At the event of turning back the camper, it should be in the same conditions at the event of handover. Normal signs of use like dirt and dust is accepted by the host.
4.4.1. In case of any damages or harder pollutions, please contact NorthRoamers immediately.

5. Security deposit
5.1. The security deposit if defiend by the host and has to be paid by the renter lately at the event at handover the camper.
5.2. The deposit can be paid in cash in the local currency, per bank transfer or other payment form agreed between the host and the renter.
5.3. In case of not paying the security deposit at the event of handover, the host has to terminate the booking immediately and contact NorthRoamers.