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NorthRoamers OÜ (16143019)

Võidujooksu 1-30
10127 Tallinn / Estonia

Phone: +372 567 084 39

René Barkow

Henry Tiitus

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Terms of Service


We are using "Stripe" as our payment provider and accepting Credit cards only - for the beginning. Right now we are implementing a payment solution with bank-links for Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

  1. Refund / cancellation policy
    1. Cancelling the booking 30 days before the first rental day is free of charge for the renter and host and we will refund the total amount of renting costs.
    2. Cancelling the booking after 30 days before the first rental day, we will keep 5% of the total rental amount as a compensation fee for the host / renter and refund 95% of the total renting costs.